At Rubicon our four Core Values reflect our ethos


At Rubicon every research professional is trained for independent thinking and the company strives to create an environment conducive to free, creative thinking and facilitates ownership of ideas and processes.

Innovation and Creativity

Rubicon prides itself for its ability to invent alternative ways of applying existing knowledge and generating intellectual property, by strongly encouraging innovative thinking and creative problem solving to achieve these goals. We believe strongly that existing knowledge is in itself powerful and can lead to breakthrough applications and optimized processes.

Relentless Problem Solving

Rubicon’s founding philosophy is a relentless, persistent approach to problem solving. We pride ourselves for never giving up our quest for solving even the most complex of problems. We firmly believe in exploring and re-exploring, inventing and re-inventing till we find the answer.


Rubicon is a team of diverse experts from researchers to process specialists to business development professionals. One quality drives us all; one quality brings us together in every project – Passion. Our passion to succeed, our passion to excel and our passion to build the Rubicon we envision.

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