Creativity is a way of Life at Rubicon. To cultivate creativity we sow democracy of thought. You are not expected to be a serious scientist inside the laboratory all the time. In the work place we offer a work-life balance which is essential for peace of mind and an enhanced quality of life. At Human Resources Development we design electrifying events and programs, so that you look at life with magnified colors.

We provide food for thought through puzzles, quizzes, brain storming. We help you stay physically fit with our in-house dance academy and meditation classes. You can discover adventure with our Trekking group and Biker’s Club. We weave fabulous get together evenings to make you feel an element of a tightly knit family…

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Intellectual Property

My day in Rubicon starts with a steaming cup of coffee. I work in the IP department and the work here is extremely invigorating and stimulating. I deal with different aspects of IP throughout the day. My work profile optimizes my technical as well as legal knowledge. My routine work includes extensive patent searching, carrying out feasibility studies and designing patent non infringing strategies for product development. At IP my role is extremely critical and quite some time of my routine work is allotted to conducting meetings with the technical teams and de briefing them about the technical details related to each project that comes to Rubicon. Our team usually kicks off the projects. My colleagues in IP are the best one can hope for and because of their help and support my interpersonal skills are honed with each coming day. When my day ends, I know that I am already looking forward for the next day with enormous zeal and healthy anticipation.

Project Management

I entered the lobby, wished the receptionist and galloped up the flight of stairs to resume at my desk of Project Management within the Corporate Development set up.

Nimbly entering all passwords brought me to the gateway of the Clinic of Project Health check-ups. It is called the PMI or Project Management Initiative and is eminently accessible via a multi-colored Dashboard set up for monitoring and tracking the Projects.

Thence on was a heady multi-tasking with various stake-holders of the Projects. At the fore-front were the Project Owners (PO) who were at their respective projects arguing out their approaches to solutions and at the back end were the principles of PMI that demanded their allegiance to set procedures to capture objectivities of the execution. The Management had to be kept informed of true and untrue road blocks. Simultaneously note has to be kept of missed and impending opportunities of setting the cash registers ringing – completed milestones and the raising of invoices. Some warm and some hot exchanges usually followed with PO’s competing for common resources followed by assertions or cajoling for compliances to look at the BIG picture.

Concomitantly had to be kept dates with contract parties for follow up actions of the Supply front for materials or action updates on the Audit points / follow up points on the Quality front. A few calls to the Ambarnath Plant are mandatory for follow ups or reality checks.

Then comes the most important and fulfilling part of the job. Auditing – the performance of the plans in executions and tracking their path from the safe to the danger zone and re-plotting their path back to safe or the dynamic zone is very absorbing and challenging.

Last but not the least comes the best part of the day – planning for the next day. Meetings, Visits, Audits , Action items , follow up actions , making or polishing Project plans , Tracking plans , Liaisons…. Endless possibilities and worthy challenges such is the stuff my day at Rubicon is made of.

Analytical Development and Stability Evaluation

My day at Rubicon is quite interesting and is more than a routine visit to office.

My schedule comprises of planning, resourcing and providing technical expertise. During these activities interaction happening between the internal teams and department team is lively and jovial.

The day leads to main activities like follow-up for the client / internal communications to lead the projects on track, technical documents review, trouble shooting and other relevant department activities. These communications help in building a strong relation between the client as well as the internal Rubicon team.

The entire day is full of challenges and satisfaction and has helped me to improve the inbuilt capacity to face the shortcomings and accomplish hard tasks.

The entire day spent in the office is always is a memory of achievements, strong relationships among colleagues and the family like atmosphere.