Drug Delivery Technologies

Unmet Commercial Need

Polymeric coating systems are very common and are used extensively. However, with the requirement of improved performance and intellectual property protection, there is always a need for newer coating systems. RubiCoat® provides a new and improved coating system, based on the use of an aqueous wax dispersion. Due to its aqueous composition and conventional methods of manufacture and use, the technology offers unique advantages.

Potential Drug Candidates for RubiCoat®
Your Molecule ; Our Technology

Drug molecules (and dosage forms) which exhibit a need for one or more of the following

  • Bitter and obnoxious taste to be masked
  • Unique pulsatile or sustained release profiles difficult to reproduce with other technologies
  • Protection from moisture
  • Benefit from product differentiation

RubiCoat® is an aqueous coating system which provides a stable, smooth and sprayable aqueous dispersion of wax(es), capable of yielding a continuous, uniform film on the substrates. The preparation of the coating system involves a simple and robust process. RubiCoat® can be employed for coating of particles, pellets, granules, tablets and the like.

As a taste-masking coat, RubiCoat® can prove effective in its function, without, retarding drug release.

Due to the elasticity of the coat on granules, for instance, It is not broken or disrupted during the process of compression of the coated granules into tablet formats such as Rubicon’s proprietary RubiODT® and RubiDT®.

IP status

The basic technology is protected by patent applications filed in various countries. Additional patent applications have also been filed for expanding the scope of the technology.


Key attributes

  • Technology involves use of excipients which are GRAS listed and within IIG limits
  • Can be employed as a protective coat or a barrier coat for stabilization of actives
  • can be adapted to develop products with controlled or sustained or pulsatile release profiles
  • Cushioning effect while compressing beads/granules into tablet
  • Extremely good taste masking with no retardation of drug release
  • Simple, robust, scalable manufacturing process
  • Can be employed for product identification and differentiation

Taste-masked, fast melt tablets of Paracetamol

Paracetamol is most commonly prescribed for pain relief among all the age groups. However due to its intense bitter taste and high dose, it is extremely challenging to develop an orally disintegrating or fast melt tablet. Using RubiCoat® technology, however, excellent taste-masking was achieved. The taste-masked granules were incorporated into rapidly disintegrating tablets using RubiODT® technology. The products exhibited a pleasant taste with a disintegration time of less than 30 seconds and rapid release in a Pharmacopoeial dissolution test medium.

Challenges and achievements

  • Very pleasant taste and overall mouth feel
  • Rapid in-vitro disintegration and drug release