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Rubicon Research has developed several proprietary drug delivery technologies with secured IP protection such as:


Application area: Modified release

  • Combines non-swelling pH dependent and pH independent release retardants
  • Non-swelling nature of the dosage form can reduce plateau in the release profile and allows for complete release of the drug
  • Drug molecule experiences reduced diffusion path-length compared to swelling systems
  • Due to non-swelling nature a more predictable GI transit time is expected
  • Candidate molecules: Tramadol, Ropinirole

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Application area: Gastric retention

  • Gastroretentive Platform Technology for delivery of active agents with poor solubility and window of absorption in a controlled release manner
  • Combines the concepts of solubilization and gastro-retention
  • The solubilized drug is released slowly and continuously to trickle across the absorption window to maximize its absorption

Candidate molecules: Valsartan, Pregabalin

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Application area: Controlled release liquids abuse resistance

  • Combination of two controlled release technologies: Ion exchange and membrane diffusion control
  • The medication release from the Pennkinetic System is precise and unaffected by ph variations, temperature or contents in the stomach and intestine

Candidate molecules: Dextromethorphan Polistirex, Methylphenidate

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Application area: Instant dispersions with taste masking

  • Employs high viscosity polymer
  • Reduces the movement of particles, thereby ensuring uniformity of the drug content
  • Unique feature of the technology is the rapid disintegration with retarded sedimentation rate
  • Reduction in variability of response

Candidate molecules: Diclofenac, Linezolid, Azithromycin, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Orotate, Sildenafil Citrate

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Apart from the above technologies, Rubicon Research’s experience involves working with Barrier Membrane Technology, Matrix Systems, and Osmotic Systems. Reach out to us to have a conversation about your drug development needs. We work from the first principles of science to develop custom-made solutions because we understand that every problem is unique.

By leveraging our R&D infrastructure and ecosystem, we can take your product to clinic and to the market at the earliest.